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Junior Backend Developer - Happy Horizon

Who are you?

You already have some experience as a developer and have worked with PHP or another object-oriented language. Experience with a PHP framework such as Laravel or Symfony is a big plus!

So you have a solid foundation, but you would like to develop further within web development and ecommerce. You would like to work in a team of passionate developers, where there is also room for a joke and a dose of fun.

What are you going to do?

Together with a multidisciplinary SCRUM team of developers, consultants and designers, you create custom webshops. You work together on new webshops and you do further development for existing webshops. As a developer you are busy on a daily basis with various backend tasks, such as 'tying APIs' in the field of product information (PIM), orders/customers (ERP), stock/delivery (WMS), marketing or marketplaces. In addition, there is sporadically a bug fix in between. Every customer and every shop is tailor-made; this gives you a lot of challenge and variety in your work.

What makes working at Experius so much fun? 1. Much attention to¬†personal development¬†and¬†growth¬†.¬†As a junior developer you have many¬†sparring partners¬†around you;¬†you will receive a¬†personal development budget¬†of¬†500 euros per year¬†and a¬†coaching program¬†with our (external) coach Marjan 2. A new¬†‚Äúfamily‚Ä̬†;¬†programming can be done anywhere, so why wouldn't you do it in a cozy place where you¬†are really appreciated for who you are¬†?¬†Every Friday we close the week with¬†a¬†drink¬†to¬†celebrate¬†successes¬†.¬†In addition, there is a¬†larger outing¬†every month such as a festival or cruise and we go away for a weekend every year 3.¬†Reward¬†: depending on your skills and experience you can earn¬†**up to 43,000¬†**¬†gross¬†.¬†In addition, you will receive profit sharing¬†with us¬†;¬†with a good operating result, you will also see this reflected in your bank account 4.¬†Half-yearly feedback rounds¬†;¬†you give and receive¬†feedback¬†from your direct colleagues (¬†360¬į feedback¬†).¬†Based on the feedback, you can focus¬†on your own development¬†and you will receive a¬†salary increase¬†if you perform well 5. A nice and¬†open office¬†;¬†spacious workstations¬†and¬†**hardware of your choice.¬†**Do you like working at home?¬†That is also possible;¬†we support¬†hybrid working¬†! 6. At Experius we find¬†vitality¬†very important;¬†we have a¬†full gym in the office¬†;¬†desk bikes¬†and¬†standing desks¬†, daily¬†fresh fruit¬†and we regularly hold¬†walking bilas¬†with each other and with our¬†happiness officer Carmen¬†.¬†In addition, you can also lease an E-bike such as a VanMoof for a low amount if you live more than 10 kilometers from the office 7.¬†More free time¬†(25 days off) or¬†more money¬†(20 days off), a¬†good pension scheme¬†and¬†travel allowance¬†(by car or public transport)

ūüĆćUtrecht, Netherlands
ūüēüFull time